3 matchups Baltimore Ravens must win to beat the Cleveland Browns

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Kyle Hamilton, Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens
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2. Kyle Hamilton can shut down the Cleveland Browns from the slot

Kyle Hamilton was better than the stats show on Sunday, and the stats show that he was ridiculous in this game. The Ravens moved Hamilton in the slot, more by a need than by them wanting to. Still, the results speak for themself. He was elite on Sunday.

He disrupted passing lanes, he attacked downhill in the run game, and he added three sacks and even more pressures. If the Ravens want to win, they will need this from Hamilton as well. His pressence as a run defender on the edges helps because the team is down Odafe Oweh and David Ojabo. They need help here. More than that, he brings the pass rush.

Still, the Ravens can get away with putting him in the slot because of the players he will face. He often will face shifty players who do not have long speed. Hamilton lacks long speed as well, but he is so big and quick on his feet that he can overpower the smaller slots. At the same time, he is so big that he can body any of the slot big slot receivers.

He is perfect for the Cleveland Browns who will shuffle David Njoku into the slot as well as Elijah Moore. Not many defenders can defend both, so when they get one of the two in the right spot, it is a mismatch. However, Hamilton can run with Moore and body Njoku. This allows the linebackers to shift their attention to other spots and helps the safety unit too. Can this move continue to have that extrapolating impact?