3 positive performances in the Baltimore Ravens loss

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The Baltimore Ravens loss to the Indianapolis Colts stings. The team did enough to win this game, but they did not make enough plays at the right time. Still, you cannot just discard the performance and have to give some of the players the credit they deserve. Which players on the Ravens performed well in the loss?

3. Kyle Hamilton was the best player on the Baltimore Ravens Sunday

Kyle Hamilton was an absolute monster when the Baltimore Ravens took the field on Sunday. What is interesting to note is that he played a different role. Hamilton was back in the slot Sunday after spending the first weeks as the Ravens' strong safety.

Hamilton had just 21 slot snaps during the first two weeks, then spent 59 snaps in the slot in week three. He spent some time on Josh Downs, but he impacts the game in three clear ways. First, his size around the line of scrimmage impacts passing windows.

More than that, he has six stops against the run on Sunday after just two in the first two weeks. He also added five pressures and three sacks on the day after having no sacks and a pressure in the first two weeks. It is obvious he cannot stop the run and blitz as much from the safety spot compared to the slot, but he is so good at it. It may be hard to move him back away from there. The Ravens have to at least use him as a joker of sorts who can move everywhere if they can get healthy in the slot.

Still, they probably will not get healthy in the slot. Both Pepe Williams and Ar'Darius Washington are on the IR, and there are more players on the IR more likely to return than those two. If they do not, the Ravens should just keep Hamilton in this role because that performance was impactful.