3 moments that turned a Baltimore Ravens win against the Cleveland Browns into a loss

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The Baltimore Ravens lost a game that felt like they were going to win from the start for the third time this season. Losing 33-31 shows that it is pretty clear there were just a few small plays that cost the Ravens. These games are coming down to tiny moments that are changing the outcomes and they are not coming up with the proper response. The Colts' loss saw similar small moments cost the team, and the Steelers game had similar moments that impacted things. 

What were the big plays that cost the Ravens this week?

3. The Baltimore Ravens missed a long field goal 

The Baltimore Ravens offense seems to start hot, and then one thing goes wrong, and they get into their heads and cannot get out. The Ravens offense was gifted seven with a Kyle Hamilton pick-six. Then, they scored their next two drives, getting 17 quick points. 

After that, they got into field goal range, but a Lamar Jackson sack turned a 49-yard kick into a 55-yard kick. Justin Tucker had the kick blocked. First, Jackson could not take a sack there. However, Justin Tucker has not been as automatic as he used to be, even with it being a 50-yard kick. 

He is 69% career from 50+, and he is only 1-5 this season from deep. He is 90% for his career but just hitting on 81% this year. This is not the vintage Justin Tucker we know.

The blocked kick gave Cleveland the ball inside Baltimore territory. Cleveland gained 33 yards, which got them to the 5-yard line. The Ravens defense did well to stand, but a game that should have been 20-6 turned into 17-9. 

That was the score that was taken into the half. It is hard to see Cleveland scoring before the half if Baltimore hits that field goal.