Nate Wiggins jersey number will have Ravens fans reminiscing about fan favorite

Wiggins has picked his first NFL number
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The Baltimore Ravens officially welcomed cornerback Nate Wiggins into the franchise today, as Baltimore held an introductory press conference for the star defensive back picked No. 30 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft following a strong final season at Clemson.

The Ravens saw Clemson's No. 2 set himself apart from the rest thanks to a blend of speed that will make him one of the fastest players in the league instantly, tremendous instincts, and pesky man coverage skills. While he may not be the offensive tackle many expected, Wiggins will certainly make his mark.

Wiggins will wear No. 2 to begin his pro career, taking the number that was vacated by longtime backup Tyler Huntley when he joined the Cleveland Browns. Wiggins will be rocking a single digit number, joining the growing trend of star defensive backs who eschew traditional cornerback numbers.

Nate Wiggins jersey number: Ravens CB will wear No. 2

Wiggins started his college career at Clemson wearing No. 20, but switched to No. 2 for his final season. After recording two interceptions and allowing just one catch over 20 yards in that final season, Wiggins affirmed that he is going to keep his recent college number in the pros.

This jersey number has special meaning for Wiggins. Growing up in Atlanta, Wiggins wore No. 2 in his youth football days. His jersey has since been retired in multiple leagues around he Atlanta area. He can now carry on his success before and during college to the professional ranks.

Which Baltimore Ravens have worn No. 2?

Only four names have ever played in a game for the Ravens while sporting No. 2, and all of them are backup quarterbacks. Former standout backup Anthony Wright, who led the Ravens to the playoffs before his injury, wore the number from 2002 to 2005. Tyrod Taylor put that number on for four more seasons, while Jimmy Clausen donned it in 2015.

If the Wiggins who shows up in Baltimore wearing No. 2 is just as dominant as he was during his days at Clemson, expect to see him assert himself as one of the best at his position in the game. The Ravens should see plenty of Wiggins jerseys in the stands at M&T Bank Stadium this fall.