Nate Wiggins salary: How much will Ravens' pick make in 2024?

Wiggins just earned life-chaning money.
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The Baltimore Ravens officially finished up their 2024 NFL Draft, and a strong class from Eric DeCosta was punctuated right at the beginning when they added Clemson cornerback Nate Wiggins at No. 30 overall. Few thought Wiggins would be available at this point in the draft.

Wiggins' status as a first-round pick (and a well-received one at that) establishes him as one of the defensive cornerstones of this new-look unit. Wiggins will be compensated well for his services due to the way the NFL's rookie scale sets him up.

While Wiggins will be much less expensive than most veteran defensive backs in his first year in the pros, he will be making enough money to take care of his family for years to come throughout the duration of his rookie contract with the Ravens.

Nate Wiggins Projected Salary with Baltimore Ravens

Spotrac and Over The Cap have slightly different values in their rookie salary scale projections. Spotrac believes the No. 30 overall pick will make $12.59 million in the next four years, while Over The Cap has $12.82 million in their projection. This would make him one of the more cheap young players on the team.

Wiggins will begin his rookie season competing for a starting job alongside Brandon Stephens and fellow 2024 draftee T.J. Tampa. Wiggins will likely have a leg up due to his pedigree and overall athletic ability.

Can the Ravens sign Nate Wiggins for longer than four years?

The current CBA doesn't allow for rookies to be signed to any contracts longer than four years. The best way for Baltimore to keep Wiggins long-term is to sign him, other than agreeing to a contract extension, is to pick up his fifth-year option when the proper time comes.

Teams have the ability to pick up a first-round pick's guaranteed fifth-year option for 2028. The Ravens would need to wait until 2027 to exercise that option. Hopefully, the Ravens can continue their tradition of landing impactful playmakers early in the draft with Wiggins.