5 offseason moves that may launch Baltimore Ravens into Super Bowl

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Kyle Hamilton, Baltimore Ravens
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1. Baltimore Ravens are going to let Kyle Hamilton loose this year

The Baltimore Ravens traded Chuck Clark for a late-round pick. While that should not be a big move by any means, and most fans will miss Clark, the symbolism presents so much more. This means that 2023 will be the year that we see just what Kyle Hamilton can do.

Hamilton was drafted to replace Clark. However, his taking a rookie season as the third safety may have been the best for him. The team decided to line him up in the slot late in the season, and he excelled. It just adds a. new layer of versatility to his game.

The Ravens have moved Brandon Stephens back to safety, and when you look at the depth chart, the safety depth is now stronger than the slot cornerback depth.

So, the Baltimore Ravens can line Kyle Hamilton up as a strong safety in base looks. However, in nickel, the Ravens can actually bring in a third safety, and then move Hamilton into the slot. Even in dime, they can then push Hamilton to the dime look, or even go with four safeties, including Geno Stone in the box.

The versatility that Hamilton gives the back end by being to line up in so many spots has a real chance to take the defense to the next level. This does not even factor in the communication, and ability of Roquan Smith and Hamilton to play off of each other, now that they are so much more familiar with each other.

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The Ravens' defense lost some names, but they are all a lot older. The young names such as Kyle Hamilton are eager to slide into those leadership roles, and that may cause this team to improve more than expected.