3 overrated Baltimore Ravens players entering 2023

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While every team has its fair share of underrated players, there are always players on the other side as well. The Baltimore Ravens are no expectation, and they have some overrated players on their roster. When looking at the roster, who are the most overrated players on the Ravens entering 2023?

3. Baltimore Ravens should not be trusting Michael Pierce

It appears the Baltimore Ravens will need and expect big things from Michael Pierce. Baltimore Ravens fans are talking about the defense like it will not fall off, even though they lost a big name like Calais Campbell. The thought is that between Michael Pierce coming back from injury and Travis Jones being better in year two, the Ravens will be fine up front.

However, that may be asking for a lot of Michael Pierce. When fans think of Pierce, they are thinking of the guy who was on the team back in 2019, which is what will make him overrated. There is a real chance that the player is gone, and we will not see him anymore.

Pierce sat out all of 2020, which may have been the first warning sign. No one is knocking him for protecting himself during the COVID outbreak, but it is hard to come back after missing a full season like that, especially at the size he was at.

Since then, he played eight games with the Vikings before a season-ending injury and three games with the Ravens in 2022 before a season-ending injury. So, Baltimore Ravens fans who are expecting and viewing Pierec like the 2019 version are completely ignoring the reality that 2020-2022 was. Filled with aging, injury and not playing.

The Baltimore Ravens really need Travis Jones to step up because there is a better chance that Pierce is at the end of the line and gives the Ravens little-to-nothing than there is the chance that he is back to his old ways.