Top 3 reasons to be pessimistic about Baltimore Ravens chances in 2023

Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports
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As the Baltimore Ravens get ready for the long offseason ahead there is plenty to be optimistic about. Of course, at the same time, every team is optimistic right now, and only one team will earn the crown at the end of the day.

So, for the sake of making an argument, what are some of the reasons for Ravens fans to be pessimistic?

3. Will the Baltimore Ravens actually stay healthy?

Yes, this could probably be an argument used for every team, but it seems to ring a lot louder for the Baltimore Ravens. Since 2019, when the team had an impressive regular season, the team has not been able to stay healthy at key positions. The thought is that if they actually did stay healthy during that time, they could have made real leaps.

Ronnie Stanley is healthy right now, but the last time he played a full season was in 2019. Are we buying he can pull it off this year? Then, there is Rashod Bateman who has never been healthy in the NFL. Of course, the season comes down to Lamar Jackson.

The optimist will tell you that Jackson is going to be healthy once again, but the pessimist will say that his style of play has caught up with him and he cannot stay healthy. The same debate is going on with JK Dobbins.

Also, these are the names that were injured in recent years. This does not factor in the surprise injury that could occur throughout the season. The Ravens are a team that lives off of being deeper than their opponents, but this year they are a bit more top-heavy than usual.

They did not have nearly as many draft picks as in recent seasons, and they lost some big names, pushing depth to the starting level. Injuries are going to come in the NFL. so the question is whether they can withstand the issues. As of now, they look good on paper, but we saw in recent years this can change quickly.