3 Pittsburgh Steelers who can ruin the Baltimore Ravens day

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The Baltimore Ravens are favored over the Pittsburgh Steelers, and for good reason. The Steelers have not looked good this year and have been blown out twice. The Ravens are an overtime loss away from being undefeated, and they have a plethora of clean wins. Still, when these two teams get together, crazy things happen. Who are the players on the Steelers that can turn this game in a bad direction fast?

3. The Baltimore Ravens cannot let Minkah Fitzpatrick take over the game

Minkah Fitzpatrick is one of the best players in the NFL at the top of his game. He is the only safety to be named to the first or second-team All-Pro twice in the past three seasons, and he has three of those honors. There is no debate about who the most consistent safety has been in the last three years.

Still, this year, he has not been as effective. he has zero interceptions and only a couple of pass breakups. Some of this is because he is playing in the slot more this year and is not as rangy on the back end.

Still, Ravens fans know well that he can flip games but also save them. He has two interceptions and a couple of key pass breakups in recent games against the Ravens. It will be interesting to see where he lines up this week. You know that he will be on Mark Andrews if he plays in the slot, but if Odell Beckham returns, the Steelers may have him back as the deep safety who can crash down on passes like the Ravens have seen before. Is Fitzpatrick due for a big game, or can the Ravens survive Minkah this week?