3 positive takeaways from the Baltimore Ravens close win over the Los Angeles Rams

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2. The Baltimore Ravens won a game they usually lose 

You could feel this from the Los Angeles Rams first drive. This game had all of the makings of a classic Ravens upset loss. It was almost the same as the Browns, the Steelers, and the Colts. The Ravens had chances to look good and pull the game away, but they let the Rams hang around. Eventually, in the fourth quarter, they would collapse. 

The Ravens had a costly interception lead to points before the half, they had a safety lead to points when the defense just started to shut down the Rams, and John Harbaugh wasted a time out on something we all knew you could not challenge, and he would have lost the challenge anyways.

Then, the Ravens had a three-point lead with too much time left, and it looked like they were going to blow it. It would have been the same way that they lost their first three games. The Browns and Steelers marched down the field to win the game late. They even lost in overtime to the Colts after getting a chance with the ball, something that happened again today. 

The turnover, the dumb coaching, the chances blown, we have seen that story before. When Cooper Kupp got them in field goal range with under a minute to go, all Ravens fans knew they blew another game.

This time, the Ravens won. Maybe it was just luck, and they will not get away with it again, but maybe they are growing and will be better after this wake-up call. Maybe they learned to win games even after things did not break their way.