5 questions that need answered for Baltimore Ravens this season

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Now that the Baltimore Ravens are heading into the long offseason the big questions will come down to how the team plays in 2023. With Lamar Jackson, the window is going to be open as long as he is healthy. The question will be how good the rest of the pieces are.

With that in mind, now that the big Lamar Jackson question has been answered, what are the biggest factors floating in the back of Ravens fans heads?

5. How will the Baltimore Ravens offense look under Todd Monken?

The big change this offseason was not the quarterback afterall, just the offensive coordinator. Some fans have gone lengths to disparage Greg Roman without remembering his key role in the 2019 season. Roman was a good offensive coordinator, and is the type of coach you would like to get a young quarterback with, because he makes the transition easy and plays to your strengths.

However, the issue with Roman at every stop is that he does not have a counter or an ability to expland his play book off of that. He can get a rookie ready to go, but cannot take a veteran to the next step. The thought is that Monken can be that guy.

Monken is fascinating because his two major stops recently were the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Georgia Bulldogs. The Bucs were with Jameis Winston and the ball was being tossed all around the field. The Bulldogs were led by a heavy rushing attack that featured multiple tight ends. They still pushed the ball down the field, but the offenses in each system were different.

This is what Baltimore Ravens should want to hear. Roman had a scheme, Monken calls plays based on the skills of his players. Of course, it is going to look different, and the new terminology and play calling has the chance to hit bumps in the road for year one.

So, the one question is plentiful for the Baltimore Ravens. What does this new scheme look like? Will they have success? What are the strengths and weaknesses moving forward?