10 questions Baltimore Ravens must answer in week four at Cleveland Browns

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Coming off of a loss to the Indianapolis Colts, the Baltimore Ravens have a huge game with the Cleveland Browns. If you told the Ravens that they beat the Browns and Bengals, and it cost them a game against the Colts, they would take it. So, do the Ravens show up this week and make that happen?

What are the biggest questions that Ravens must get answers to when the Ravens square off with the Browns?

10. Which of the Baltimore Ravens outside cornerbacks will defend Amari Cooper

Amari Cooper has 36% of the Cleveland Browns passing offense. He also has 243 yards, while Elijah Moore is next closest on the team with 128, so nearly double. So, it is clear that Amari Cooper is everything for this team. If the Ravens had Marlon Humphrey, it would be as easy as putting him on Cooper. However, the odds are getting low that Humphrey will be back this week.,

So, this will mean that Brandon Stephens, Ronald Darby, and Rock Ya-Sin will split time on Cooper. Cooper has moved around the line of scrimmage with 78 snaps on left side, and 55 on the right. When he lines up on the left, he will see Stephens, and on the right, he will be against either Rock Ya-Sin or Ronald Darby.

The split between Ya-Sin and Darby has gotten closer as the Ravens want to limit Darby after an injury last year and ramp Ya-Sin up after an injury this preseason. So, does this continue? Who gets the most against Cooper, and how does it go?