10 questions emerging from Baltimore Ravens loss to the Cleveland Browns

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Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson
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5. Will Lamar Jackson cut down the game-changing turnovers?

The Baltimore Ravens are 7-3, but it is hard to look at the three losses without seeing game-changing turnovers by Lamar Jackson. Jackson was strip sacked in a play that led to a field goal against the Indianapolis Colts. 

He threw a devastating interception against Pittsburgh that kept the team in the game. We all saw the pick-six this week that changed the fate of the Cleveland Browns. 

What hurts is that this has been going on in the wins as well. We saw Boye Mafe strip sack him, and the Ravens still blew out the Seahawks. When Jackson gets it going, the turnovers almost do not matter because they can run teams over.

However, in tight games, when every play matters, Jackson is coming up small. He is fumbling at a career-high rate, and even with lower interception numbers, they just seem to come at the worst possible times. What can Jackson do, and will he be the reason this team does not go as far as they should?