Ranking Baltimore Ravens in AFC North tight end rooms

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Now that we are amid the offseason, it is an excellent time to look back at the Baltimore Ravens roster. What better way to do that than to compare each position group to the rest of the AFC North to see where the team stacks up? This will examine how the Ravens compare from top to bottom of each room.

Today we will look at the tight end rooms in the AFC north and see where the Baltimore Ravens rank.

4. Cincinnati Bengals: Irv Smith Jr, Drew Sample, Devin Asiasi

The Bengals have a flaw, and it is their tight end room. After letting Hayden Hurst go to the Atlanta Falcons, the team signed Irv Smith from the Minnesota Vikings. Irv Smith has talent but has 858 yards in three seasons and only had 182 last year after a devastating season-ending injury in 2021.

However, Smith is not the problem, as this group also lacks depth. Sample and Asisi are fine blockers but bring nothing to the passing game.

3. Cleveland Browns: David Njoku, Jordan Akins, Harrison Bryant

The Cleveland Browns are probably better than the Bengals at all three spots. Their starter is better, their backup is better than the Bengals' backup, and they have the better third string. Njoku is coming off of one of his best seasons in 2022. He had 628 yards and four touchdowns last year.

It is hard to believe, but he will still be 27 years old next year. Akins is a bit of a journeyman, but he has a rapport with Deshaun Watson from the Texans, and Bryant is a young player who has developed into reliable depth. It is a good group, and the other teams in the division speak to the low ranking, not their play.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers: Pat Freiermuth, Darnell Washington, Zach Gentry

We noted that David Njoku had 628 yards last year, and 639 is his career high. That is in seven NFL seasons. Pat Freirermuth had 732 yards last year, his second in the NFL. He also had seven touchdowns as a rookie, which would have been a career-high for Njoku.

Freirmuth is only two years younger despite Njoku being in year seven and Freirmuth being in year three. Still, he has produced more at a younger age and with far less experience. Plus, he is the better blocker.

Darnell Washington is a rookie but is the perfect complement who will help block and give Freiermuth more chances through the air. Gentry was a reliable number two last year and would be competing for the number two with both Cleveland and Cincinnati. Heck, with the Bengals, he would have it locked down already. The depth and talent put them over both.

1.Baltimore Ravens: Mark Andrews, Isaiah Likely, Charlie Kolar

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a strong tight end room, and when you consider Freiermuth is in year three, and Washington is a rookie the room is up and coming for years to come. Still, the Baltimore Ravens are, and will be the top dogs for the foreseeable future. Mark Andrews would only be behind the Chiefs when you add his value, but the depth would have them right with any other team as well.

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Likely had a strong rookie season. He is projected to be less involved due to all of the receivers, but his presence could be more valuable as a depth pass catcher. Kolar showed little as a rookie due to injuries, but his talent in college had him viewed as a better prospect than Likely. The overall group features youth and of course, one of the best talents in the NFL.