Ranking Baltimore Ravens among AFC North WR Rooms


Now that we are into the offseason, we will look back at the Baltimore Ravens roster and see how it compares to their biggest division rivals. Today, we will be looking at the wide receiver rooms and ranking them from best to worst. This will be looking from the top-end talent to the depth at the bottom.

Where to the Baltimore Ravens rank?

4. Cleveland Browns: Amari Cooper, Elijah Moore, Donovan Peoples-Jones, Cedric Tillman, Davis Bell

The Cleveland Browns did a great job improving their room, but they still have enough questions about where they sit at fourth. Amari Cooper is proven, and Peoples-Jones have proven to be quality depth. However, Moore has not proven anything and is almost a bust. Tillman is a rookie, and Bell could not do much as a rookie, so there are plenty of questions.

3. Baltimore Ravens: Rashod Bateman, Zay Flowers, Nelson Agholor, Devin Duvernay

The Baltimore Ravens have a great group on paper, and the talent in the division may be why they are so low, but there are still too many questions to put them higher. They may be better than Pittsburgh Steelers on paper, but it is all projection at this point.

Rashod Bateman has been unable to put together a full season since he was drafted, and Beckham missed an entire season after an ACL tear in the previous Super Bowl. Then, there is the rookie Zay Flowers. He is a first-round pick, and you should trust him, but between him and Beckham, they had zero yards last year. Agholor and Duvernay provide enough depth that they may be right there in complete rooms, but until they show a little more, they are behind the Steelers.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers: Diontae Johnson, George Pickens, Allen Robinson, Calvin Austin, Myles Boykin

The Pittsburgh Steelers have some proven talent, but the question is how high the ceiling is. Diontae Johnson is good at getting open but is not an overly imposing wide receiver, and they did not score any touchdowns last year. George Pickens had a great rookie season and showed more in that year than Bateman has in his career. Then, there is Robinson. Robinson is not the same as old, but he is still a reliable receiver, especially in the number three role.

Finally, there is Austin and Boykin. Austin did not show much as a rookie, but we know the Ravens liked his talent, and Boykin is a former Ravens player who we know provides find depth.

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1. Cincinnati Bengals: JaMarr Chase, Tee Higgins, Tyler Boyd, Trenton Irwin, Charlie Jones

The Bengals have one of the best one-two punches in the NFL, so it is hard to deny their standing within these rankings. Chase is one of the five best in the NFL, and there probably is not a number two better than Higgins. Boyd is also one of the best slot receivers. At their best, the Ravens third wideout could be better, but Boyd has the track record. Charlie Jones is just a rookie, but Irwin showed enough last year to give their depth the gas to make them the best in the division. I do not think anyone can argue against that.