Ranking Baltimore Ravens in AFC North running back rooms

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As we get to the slow point of the offseason, we can review the Baltimore Ravens roster from top to bottom. That means comparing the Ravens' depth chart to their rivals in the division. Today, we will look at the running back rooms.

This will focus on the unit from top to bottom, including depth, but of course, the talent at the top will always lead the way. Where do the Baltimore Ravens rank?

4. Pittsburgh Steelers: Najee Harris, Jaylen Warren, Anthony McFarland

Najee Harris is entering a huge year three. He has hit 1,000 yards in the past two years, but that has more to do with volume than actual talent. Jaylen Warren has been coming for his spot, and while he has just been the change of pace, he has been more effective. Anthony McFarland has provided little to nothing, making it hard to push them further.

3. Cincinatti Bengals: Joe Mixon, Chase Brown, Chris Evans

Joe Mixon had a down year in 2022, and the tide started to shift as it does for all running backs. It is hard to see him returning to his best days, like Ezekiel Elliott, Dalvin Cook, or Leonard Fournette, who are all free agents now. Still, he has proven much more than Najee Harris.

Chase Brown is an unproven rookie, and Chris Evans has 18 catches to go with 17 rushing attempts in two NFL seasons. He is a passing down back and has hardly seen the field. If Harris had shown more last year, they would pass the Bengals group.

2. Baltimore Ravens: J.K. Dobbins, Gus Edwards, Justice Hill

Depending on what you think of the health of Dobbins and Edwards, this is either way too high or just right. Dobbins can be more explosive than Mixon, and towards the end of last season, most would agree he is the better runner. The question is whether Dobbins can make it through a full season.

Gus Edwards is the best backup out of any of these backs, but he also is being eased back after missing most of 2022. Then, there is Justice Hill, who makes putting the Ravens over the Bengals easier. He has proven more in the NFL than Chase Brown or Chris Evans and is clearly the best number three back in the division.

1. Cleveland Browns: Nick Chubb, Jerome Ford, Demetric Felton

Nick Chubb is the best running back in the division, period, end of story. He competes with Derrick Henry every year for the best football runner between the tackles. Jerome Ford has not proven anything, but many will remember him from college during Cincinnati's run to the National Semifinal.

He did not get a chance last year, mainly because the team had Kareem Hunt. They are intentionally not bringing Hunt back to give Ford this chance. Felton is a pass-catching back who has 20 receptions and eight carries.

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He is not ahead of Justice Hill, but is more trusted than Chris Evans in a similar role.