Ranking 5 prospects Baltimore Ravens are likely to draft at 22

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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The Baltimore Ravens usually enter the NFL draft with more draft picks than most teams. However, this year they only have five picks and they need to make the most of them. It is hard to know exactly who will be there when the Ravens draft 22nd in the 2023 NFL draft.

However, there is a good chance that one of these five players will be on the board, and if so, they may be heading to the Ravens.

5. Quentin Johnston is most mocked to Baltimore Ravens

When you read mock drafts these days, the name that your hear next to the Ravens more than any other is Quentin Johnston. This does make a lot of sense. First, he could be regarded as the top wideout in the draft, but this is not an elite wide receiver group. So, one of the top two guys could certainly still be on the board here.

Beyond that, there is the obvious need. The Ravens have not had real size like Johnston on the outside in a while. He is a contrast from Hollywood Brown style wise. While he is not the best route runner, he is actually great with the ball in his hands, and the quick passing game could show his best traits in action.

This is almost to the point where it is being mocked to the Ravens so much that it probably will not happen. Still, it is hard to move away from how many signs point to Quentin Johnston being right there for the Ravens in round one.