Ranking 10 Baltimore Ravens roster bubble players before cutdown day

The Baltimore Ravens have about 50 locks on their 53-man roster. Who are the best candidates to take those final couple of spots?

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The Baltimore Ravens will have some important decisions to make with roster cutdowns coming hot and heavy over the next 24 hours. The team needs to get from 90 to 53 on the roster, and while there are 40 or so players who you could consider locks for the roster, there are always those last two or three spots that nobody can say for sure who has the job.

Who are the players on the Ravens roster that may be sweating out the next few hours?

10. Kevon Seymour could make the Baltimore Ravens roster

One interesting question will be Kevon Seymour, who has been in the NFL since 2016. He does not have as much upside as some of the cornerbacks on the roster, but he has been healthy, and that has led to him starting the Ravens' first two preseason games.

He started over Kyu Blu Kelly in both games, and we saw why quickly. For a quick reference, Seymour allowed a 77.9 passer rating, and Kyu Blu Kelly allowed a 122.1 passer rating in the preseason. So, of the two, you would think Seymour has the edge.

The issue is that Seymour has veteran roster status, and Kyu Blu Kelly does not. So, if the Ravens cut Seymour, he can immediately re-sign to the practice squad. If they cut Kelly, he is subject to waivers. 

Interestingly enough, Seymour did not play in the preseason finale. He did not practice the Thursday before the game but had been healthy otherwise. We did not get any update on his health, and now it is time to speculate whether they sat him to get him on the practice squad without issue or because he locked up his roster spot.