Ranking top 10 sleepers for Baltimore Ravens heading into 2023 NFL Draft

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We have heard the usual suspects when it comes to Baltimore Ravens mock drafts. We know that Joey Porter is a great pick if he is there, and Deonte Banks would be as well. Jordan Addison and Quentin Johnston have been mocked to the Baltimore Ravens countless times in the 2023 NFL draft. Who are the players you are not hearing about as much, yet could be Ravens players by this time next week?

10. Cory Trice, Purdue CB

In most scenarios, the Baltimore Ravens are not going to get one of the top four cornerbacks on the board. They will all be gone. So, they will have to find some sleepers or take a potential reach in the first round.

One of those names is Cory Trice. We wrote up Trice earlier this offseason, and he was one of the Ravens' top 30 visits. In most scenarios, they would probably be looking to take Trice with their third-round pick 86th overall.

Trice has big-time height, weight, and arm length and at that size, he runs a 4.47 40-yard dash, which will definitely play for his speed. He plays a bit less physical but has similar press skills and size to Joey Porter. He also some of the questions that Porter brings, but comes at a much cheaper draft cost.

If the Baltimore Ravens do miss out on Joey Porter Jr. in the first round, and they want a similar player with much less risk due to the draft cost, they could easily be looking to Cory Trice. Where we stand right now, he would be starting on the outside for the Ravens next season.