Ranking top 10 sleepers for Baltimore Ravens heading into 2023 NFL Draft

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Cameron Mitchell, Baltimore Ravens
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

5. Cameron Mitchell, Northwestern CB

In almost any other year Cameron Mitchell would be a sleeper for everyone, and he would not get out of round three. This year, Cameron Mitchell is a true sleeper because he gets no buzz whatsoever entering the 2023 NFL draft.

Mitchell is a junior who entered the NFL draft early., He was a trusted starter for Northwestern who plays physically and is not afraid to make a tackle. The issue with Mitchell is that his speed is average and it shows on tape. His length is not great either, and this is not somebody that you want to see pressing often on the outside. As a man coverage cornerback, you will have questions, but as a zone cornerback who can play off coverage, and come downhill and defend the run, you like what you see. He did not play in the slot, but he profiles as someone who could move in there as well.

When you break it down this is a valuable player and someone the Ravens could have an interest in. The fact that he could last until round four makes the fit even stronger.