Ranking top 15 players on Baltimore Ravens defense

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11. Patrick Queen, LB

This one may get some pushback, but when the defense has so many big names on it, hard decisions have to come. One of the more replaceable players on the defense this year is Patrick Queen. That is because if he did not play, you could slot a lot of players next to Roquan Smith, and they would play better. 

The turnaround in play for Queen happened exactly when the Ravens added Smith. Queen was trending in a bad way, but his last two seasons with Smith changed everything for him. Still, his last four or five games have had plenty of mistakes, and a lot of the reason that Queen thrives is that he does not need to do much communication before the snap, and after the snap, he is more run-and-chase than he is a processor. Still, getting the best year of Queen during his contract year is a win for the Ravens.

They get to see this season with two solid linebackers, and it increases their compensatory value, assuming he gets a nice deal in free agency.