Ravens' Ed Reed calls out Baltimore to rally behind Lamar Jackson

New England Patriots v Baltimore Ravens
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Living legend and former Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed keeps touring the nation appearing and talking at multiple shows and touching on all things Baltimore. Days after commenting on Joe Flacco's new chapter in Cleveland, Reed discussed Lamar Jackson's situation in Baltimore.

Reed was a guest on The Pivot Podcast and when the Super Bowl talk hit the discussion he was quick to discuss it from the perspective of the Ravens and their leader in quarterback Lamar Jackson.

A former Super Bowl champion in the 2012 season, Reed thinks the Ravens have everything to lift the chip this year and he sounded incredibly excited about the current iteration of the team.

"Watching Lamar, it was like when we played against Vick, it reminds me of that," Reed started. "You can hear the excitement, people talking about it, you watching the plays like 'yeah, Lamar did that'. It is special."

More interestingly, Reed said that he's been waiting for that third championship to arrive in Baltimore "since Lamar been there," although he warned fans of the team and those from the very own city of Baltimore that they'll need to keep rooting for the team and Lamar and rally behind them for that trophy to come to town.

"It takes the whole kit and caboodle," Reed said. "I mean, even the city! People don't understand what it takes to win a championship. It take everything."

To be fair, Baltimore has always shown love to their franchise quarterback since he arrived in Maryland by way of Louisville back in 2018 as the first-round pick of the Ravens.

There have been many critics of Jackson and his style of play, and even voices out there calling him "a running back," but all Lamar has done is prove them wrong by winning an MVP and keeping the Ravens in contention since he became a full-time starter in 2019.

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There is only one thing left for Lamar Jackson to achieve and the Ravens to do while having him as their QB: winning the elusive third championship. This year might be the one, and you bet we and the whole city of Baltimore will be rooting for that.

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