Ravens should still prioritize Jamal Adams despite Tony Jefferson's return

The Ravens can't let nostalgia blind them.
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The Baltimore Ravens appear to be in the market for a veteran safety who can back up Kyle Hamilton, as John Harbaugh seems interested in giving former New York Jets All-Pro and Seattle Seahawks outcast Jamal Adams one last chance. Adams may not be the only defensive back on Baltimore's radar.

Former Baltimore starter Tony Jefferson, who spent last season in the Ravens' front office, is eyeing a comeback. Jefferson spent his last few years bouncing between the back end of rosters, but it appears as though he is ready to give it one last chance to slip a ring on his finger.

The Ravens have been willing to wait until the late stages of free agency before finally pouncing on their desired targets, and they could do the same this year if Ar'Darius Washington and rookie Sanoussi Kane don't strike this coaching staff as solid depth. Both Adams and Jefferson can present fairly enticing cases to Harbaugh for one last crack at the majors.

If the Ravens are set on one of these players, they need to remove the rose colored nostalgia classes and see that Adams is clearly the superior player right now despite his many faults.

Baltimore Ravens should prioritize Jamal Adams over Tony Jefferson

Anyone who would be against a hypothetical Adams signing due to his inability to stay healthy (more than fair) should be concerned about Jefferson, who has played just 20 games since the start of the 2019 season. With some serious ACL injuries mixed into his history, Jefferson is a big red flag.

While even a compromised Jefferson could be a respectable coverage player, thereby being viewed as an upgrade in the eyes of many, Adams remains a more versatile player and a better tackler in the open field. If Baltimore wants a box safety, Adams is the clear top choice.

Jefferson's biggest factor in his favor could be familiarity, as he is a beloved figure within the Ravens' franchise while Adams has been viewed as toxic by many across the league. Baltimore's willingness to accept another safety with some less-than-sterling moments dealing with the media might determine if Adams or Jefferson gets any attention.

While there's a path to both Adams and Jefferson becoming a successful backup for the Ravens this season, Adams' clearly higher ceiling and the long span between the last time we saw Jefferson as an impactful playmaker make him the more reasonable pursuit of the two for Baltimore.