Ranking the Top 5 Ravens quarterbacks of all time

We know who owns the top spot, but what about the rest?

Ravens, Joe Flacco
Ravens, Joe Flacco / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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2. Lamar Jackson

The top two quarterbacks in Ravens history should be fairly easy to figure out, with current starter Lamar Jackson already coming in at number two. In terms of talent, there's no question Jackson has the argument to be labeled as the number one quarterback in Baltimore's history.

But, he currently sits second all-time in passing yards with 12,209 yards. Jackson has thrown 101 touchdowns to just 38 interceptions, which might be the most telling stat about him as a passer overall. For all of the discredit he gets when it comes to being careless with the football at times, Jackson's overall numbers speak to a different story. The man scores touchdowns.

Not only has he done it through the air, but Jackson is of course one of the best running quarterbacks this league has ever seen. He is already fifth on the all-time list of rushing quarterbacks, and his career has only just begun. His 4,437 career rushing yards rank behind only Randall Cunningham, Russell Wilson, Cam Newton and Michael Vick.

At 26 years old, Jackson has more than enough time to blow the doors off every Ravens quarterback record, most of which are held by the number one guy on this list, coming up next.