Ravens Rumors: Baltimore linked to two first-round wide receivers

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Quentin Johnston, Ravens, 2023 NFL Draft
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First Round wide receivers the Ravens are targeting in 2023 NFL Draft: Quentin Johnston, TCU

Let's just say, if Quentin Johnston was the pick, there is no way Lamar Jackson could resist playing out this season. Having Beckham, Johnston and Bateman as his top three wide receivers, plus the tremendous talent at tight end with Mark Andrews and Isaiah Likely would line Jackson up for a potential career year.

Johnston has been linked to the Ravens by multiple outlets, at this point, so it's looking like the interest is very real.

Johnston stands 6-foot-3 and is the largest of all the top wide receivers in the class. He is a size and speed combo that is very rare to come across. Because of his long, strong legs, he's able to get down field in a hurry, even though it might not look like it at first glance.

This is a target with a large catch radius, a huge vertical and the ability to go up and come down with difficult catches. Johnston averaged an impressive 19.0 yards per catch over his three years at TCU, proving he's a big play waiting to happen at any given moment. That average is esepcially eye-popping considering he caught a total of 115 passes. This wasn't a one-hit wonder type of career. He got better every season.

Johnston would clearly line up on the outside, with Beckham and Bateman being able to switch in and out of the slot. The rookie is a clear-cut, no-brainer to send out wide on every snap, whereas the other two have some flexibility.

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