Ravens TE Mark Andrews after 17-10 loss to Steelers: "Personally, I'm moving on"

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
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The Ravens dropped one in Pittsburgh. Well, actually, the Ravens dropped many more than one (passes) in their Week 5 loss to the Steelers in a game they led for nearly 59 minutes before George Pickens grabbed the game-winning touchdown with 1:17 to play.

"If they are not doubling me, I'm surprised," Pickens said of the Ravens' one-on-one approach to cover him on the touchdown play.

"Personally, I'm moving on," Ravens tight end Mark Andrews said himself.

Andrews, of course, was talking about the loss of his team against Pittsburgh but also referencing the worst performance ever put together by the receiving corps of the Baltimore Ravens Football Organization. Peep the jokes below, including Andrews' dropped touchdown catch on the top-left clip.

Zay Flowers, Rashod Bateman (who acknowledged his mistakes by deactivating his X account after going home without talking to reporters), Nelson Agholor, Odell Beckham (who is starting to frustrate some fans), and Mark Andrews all dropped passed on Sunday.

They all failed to capitalize on putting some distance between the Ravens and the Steelers on the scoreboard at different points throughout a game the former should have won easily.

"If you look at this game, and you see what type of team this is, the team that we have, and [if] you're going to kind of reminisce in the past and be sad about that," Andrews stated postgame, "you're not on the right team because this team is dangerous."

Andrews also told reporters "We're good, very good," adding, "It's a matter of being efficient, playing good ball, and every time, just do your job, that's all it is."

One thing the Ravens didn't do on Sunday: "their job."

Andrews cannot be blamed that much because, same as rookie Zay Flowers, he was one of the lone kinda-good performers on the field last weekend on the offensive side of Baltimore's lineup.

The veteran tight end finished the game with the second-most yards (65), the most receptions (6), and the second-most targets (10) among Ravens playmakers.

Offensive Coordinator Todd Monken schemed wide receivers and tight ends open all day, but they failed to grab passes when that mattered most. Andrews said the drops "can't be contagious."

"That stuff can’t be contagious," Andrews said. "If one [drop] happens, whatever, [we have to] move on and get to the next play. We need to be better."

Andrews, contrary to some but not those in the known, acknowledged that Lamar is "putting the ball right where it needs to be," and that at the end of the day "We need to be there for him and make plays."

As a closure, Andrews stated "We do that, we win this game."

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The Ravens play in overseas in Week 6 as they will face the 2-3 Tennessee Titans in London next Sunday. Could they be able to right their wrongs? At least they are already there to try and reverse the current trend in a never-done-before way.

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