Ravens unveil must-see new alternate helmet (and it's beautiful)

The Ravens will be quite fashionable heading into 2024.
Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens / Todd Olszewski/GettyImages

The Baltimore Ravens have largely kept their uniforms pristine and unchanged since their inception way back in 1996, as they have leaned on their tried and true black, white, purple, and gold color scheme. When your uniform is as cool as Balitimore's is, there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Even during the NFL's ill-fated "Color Rush" initiative, the Ravens managed to pull off one of the snazzier looks out there with an all-purple ensemble featuring gold numbers. It's hard to improve upon perfection, but the Ravens still managed to bring out a new variation that would please all the hypothetical football Joan Rivers out there.

With the NFL recently repealing a rule that limited teams to one color of helmet shell, throwbacks and alternate looks have been sprouting up across the NFL. The Ravens were ready to scratch their need to break out a bold alternate look, and they certainly did not disappoint.

The Ravens unveiled a shiny purple helmet with their font-facing Ravens bird logo emblazoned on the side. It remains to be seen which game Baltimore will actually break out these fancy new threads for, but Adam Schefter recently confirmed that this look is a one-time thing for the Ravens. That's a crying shame.

Baltimore Ravens unveil new purple alternate helmet for 2024

The Ravens made some slight tweaks to their uniform in the 1999 season, replacing the old shield with a "B" in the middle with the famous bird we all know and love today. Outside of a black alternate or those purple color rush jerseys, the Ravens haven't tried to mess with their usual set too much.

The Ravens are leaning into the gold color hard with this new look, as they have gold stripes going down the middle of the helmet and brought back their color rush numbers. Lamar Jackson and Derrick Henry will look as good as ever streaking down the field for touchdowns.

Expect Baltimore to likely unveil these unis during a primetime game, likely at home. Two possible contenders include Week 4 on Sunday Night Football against the Buffalo Bills or a Week 10 Thursday Night Football duel with the rival Cincinnati Bengals.