3 reasons Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson is MVP despite the numbers

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As we thought might happen, the odds shifted when the Baltimore Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers, and Lamar Jackson became the MVP favorite rather quickly. When everyone sees up close and personal how much value Jackson brings to the table compared to someone like Brock Purdy, it gets easier to justify. 

However, with every quick shift, there comes the initial pushback. The argument against Jackson is that he does not have the statistical profile to be an MVP. However, there are plenty of reasons to get over that and realize that he is everything that is making this Ravens offense good enough to compete for a Super Bowl.

3. Lamar Jackson is carrying the Baltimore Ravens passing attack without his top weapon

When you think of all of the MVP candidates, they have their top weapon who assists them. He is their go-to player when the play breaks down, and they need something. One of the cases against Brock Purdy is that between Deebo Samuel, Christian McCaffrey, George Kittle, and even Brandon Aiyuk, he has so many weapons that can bail him out. 

Patrick Mahomes once had Tyreek Hill and always has Travis Kelce when he needs him. Now Tua Tagovoila is in the MVP conversation with Tyreek Hill. Jalen Hurts entered the discussion with A.J. Brown, and Josh Allen has Stefon Diggs. Then, there is Lamar Jackson.

Yes, he had Mark Andrews until week 11, but in the last few weeks, the offense has been as good or better with Lamar Jackson spreading it around. 

Zay Flowers has the most targets, but he has one of the highest rates of screen passes in the NFL. He is a rookie without a formed route tree. Odell Beckham leads the Ravens in yards since Mark Andrews went down. However, he hardly plays 60% of the offensive snaps. 

Isaiah Likely is the person who replaced Andews and has done well, but he does not have those names yet. Jackson has stats that are comparable enough despite spreading it around evenly to different playmakers. Oh, he happens to impact the rushing game as well.