3 reasons to believe the Baltimore Ravens can win a Super Bowl with Lamar Jackson

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With the Baltimore Ravens loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship, there is reason for many fans to think that this team will never get over the hump with Lamar Jackson. This is one of the best rosters the Ravens will have, especially when you look at their cap situation in the next couple of years. Meanwhile, this is the worst the Chiefs have been for a while, and still, Kansas City won. 

While there are plenty of reasons to think that they are stuck being not good enough, there are still reasons to think that the future is bright in Baltimore.

3. Lamar Jackson should get better with time in the Todd Monken offense 

While the Ravens offense had moments of brilliance, it also looked shaky too many times throughout the season to trust in the biggest moments. Some of that comes back to Lamar Jackson, but a lot of that can be tied to the Ravens being in the Todd Monken offense for the first time this year. 

Todd Monken has a very different style than Greg Roman. Roman is much more focused on power and running, while Monken is more interested in spreading the ball out and passing. You could argue that the personnel is shifting towards the Monken philosophies, but it is not there yet. 

Monken had to run a hybrid with a mix of the Roman offense and his own. This upcoming year, he can make the offense his own. The personnel will continue to shift, and Lamar Jackson will get more comfortable. 

When Jackson sees a defensive look, there are only so many shifts and motions he knows right now, but once he has that familiarity to expand his game, the offense can continue to get better. The Ravens need to see their offense improve. If it does, they can take the next step. Thinking that the offense will cap itself out after one year is too pessimistic.