4 starters on the Baltimore Ravens who should play against the Pittsburgh Steelers

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2. Will Geno Stone start for the Baltimore Ravens?

This is another scenario where Geno Stone will have to start simply because they do not have enough players to get onto the field. Kyle Hamilton is highly unlikely to play with a knee injury and while Marcus Williams does not have a serious injury right now, he is still recovering from a pec injury that caused him to miss time early in the year. His tackling has been worse as he gets over the pain of this issue. 

With that in mind, we will not see him this week. Daryl Worley was also deemed out. So, as it stands, the only healthy Baltimore Ravens safety is Geno Stone. The Ravens will activate Ar’Darius Washington from the IR this week, so those two should be the expected starters, although there are not many other options. 

Stone needs to start as well. He recorded an interception against Miami, his first in six weeks. He has been struggling a lot more with Marcus Williams back after he did so well filling in for Williams. So, the Ravens can use this game to have Washington pretend he is Williams and let Stone continue to grow in a role next to a more rangy safety. 

Not only does Stone need to start due to lack of depth, but he should also want to start getting back to his best ways when the playoffs start.