4 starters on the Baltimore Ravens who should play against the Pittsburgh Steelers

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1. How much will Isaiah Likely play for the Baltimore Ravens 

This is another obvious decision, mainly due to a lack of depth. Without Mark Andrews, the Ravens have Isaiah Likley and Charlie Kolar as their only tight ends. Likely is a key starter, and an injury would be devastating, but at the same time, he really needs to get the playing time on the field. 

Likely still has just seven starts this season, and those are essentially the only snaps he has gotten as the lead dog, and not as a backup or secondary target behind Mark Andrews. So, Likely could use this time to sharpen things such as his routes, blocking, and hand placement. 

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The Ravens cannot just play Charlie Kolar every snap without a backup, and Likely would be playing if this were a preason type of performance due to his lack of experience. Do not be surprised if he gets a normal workload against Pittsburgh.