3 stats to know about Baltimore Ravens signing Odell Beckham Jr.

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1. Odell Beckham should be a great fit for Lamar Jackson and Baltimore Ravens

The big question with Odell Beckham signing with the Baltimore Ravens is how does this impact Lamar Jackson? Jackson and Beckham have signaled that they have been talking this whole time, so Jackson obviously told him to sign with Baltimore. Does that mean Jackson is considering returning after his trade request?

That very well may be the case, and if so, it is a perfect fit. When we discussed Nelson Agholor, the key highlight was that he was a deep threat who ran most of his routes down the field. Beckham is famous for a big catch down the field, but he is actually at his best when he is working the short to intermediate game.

Per PFF, 36% of his targets were to the short middle or intermediate middle of the field. He had 19 catches on 25 targets for 268 yards. Those are big-time numbers. On the flip side, Lamar Jackson threw 37.7% of his passes to that area of the field last season. Those are by far the most populated areas for Jackson. He is completing 71.6% of those passes, by far his most accurate rates.

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He had 2,242 yards, and 1,114 came from throwing passes over the middle of the field. So, maybe this has nothing to do with Lamar Jackson. However, they signed someone Jackson knows very well, Jackson signed off on it, and it happens to be the perfect fit for his playing style. You tell me.