3 major storylines to follow on Baltimore Ravens defensive line this preseason

From the starters to the bottom of the roster players there is plenty to watch on the Baltimore Ravens defensive line
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As we get ready for a preseason that will be important for a variety of Baltimore Ravens it is now time to think of what could happen along the defensive line. The next month could see plenty of movement from up top down to the depth of the roster. What are the most important storylines for the Ravens to watch on the defensive line this month?

3. Will Justin Madubuike or Broderick Washington earn a contract extension with the Baltimore Ravens?

The big question up top is what will happen along the Baltimore Ravens defensive line. Both Justin Madubuike and Broderick Washington are due for contract extensions at the end of this season, or they will hit free agency. Neither player has whined or sat out due to fear of injury and losing money. Both players have come in and have been team-first, working hard to get their next payday.

So, the question is, do the Ravens pay either or risk potentially losing both this offseason? The preseason and how they look in the days coming up to the season may dictate that. The Ravens may want to get in before a breakout season if they see one coming.

However, the Ravens are also in a tricky cap situation. They are pushing some dead money from this season into next year, and the Lamar Jackson contract will start to get heftier. Can they commit to either?

How much these two play in the preseason, whether or not anything gets done in the coming weeks, will be worth following.