Top 8 Biggest NFL Draft steals in Baltimore Ravens history

These players show how good the Ravens are at drafting
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Unlike most expansion franchises that came into being in the last few decades, the Baltimore Ravens have set themselves apart as an exceptional drafting team. Two Super Bowl teams and a host of contenders have been built on the back of wise decisions from both Ozzie Newsome and Eric DeCosta.

The Ravens have landed some of the best players in franchise history with premium draft picks, but Baltimore has also become known for finding some gems later in the draft. Be it tremendous scouting or just plain old good luck, the Ravens have been the proving ground for some of the best in the game.

These players all stand out as the biggest eight steals in Ravens NFL Draft history. Baltimore only started drafting in 1996, and their list of steals far outnumbers teams with a few extra decades of experience. This solidifies Baltimore as one of the best drafters in the business without question.

8 biggest NFL Draft steals in Baltimore Ravens history

8. P Sam Koch (No. 203 overall, 2006)

While it might be unfair to put a punter here, as they are so rarely picked before the end of Day 3, nabbing a high-end starter for 15 years with a pick often used on players who get cut after the preseason makes this a solid move. The former Nebraska star is the greatest punter in team history.

Koch averaged 45.3 yards per punt for a Ravens team that won a Super Bowl in 2012 and challenged for many others along the way. Jordan Stout will have quite a ways to go if he wants to break all of the records Koch managed to set during his very productive career with the Ravens.

Sam Koch was a steal for the Baltimore Ravens

7. OG Edwin Mulitalo (No. 129 overall, 1999)

The powerful guard from Arizona was added for some extra depth at the turn of the millenium, but it didn't take long for Mulitalo to work his way into the starting lineup. Mulitalo was the starting left guard for the 2000 Super Bowl winning team, and his career with the Ravens didn't stop there.

Mulitalo was a frequent starter in Baltimore until 2006, after which he joined the Lions for two more seasons. With 102 starts, a 2,000-yard rusher in Jamal Lewis that did a lot of his damage running behind him, and a championship ring, Mulitalo is still one of the best guards the Ravens ever had.