3 reasons to trust Rashod Bateman to bounce back for Baltimore Ravens

Chris Pedota, NorthJersey.com / USA
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Chris Pedota, NorthJersey.com / USA

2. The Baltimore Ravens offense may open up for Rashod Bateman

One thing that will not only help Bateman but also Flowers and Beckham is the change in offensive coordinator to Todd Monken. Greg Roman was a great coordinator for the start of the career for Lamar Jackson. However, now that the team is ready for Jackson to take that step into being a bigger passing threat, they needed a better passing coordinator.

Todd Monken is very highly regarded as a passing game offensive coordinator. Even at Georgia he brought an impressive explosive passing game elelment to a team that typically will punch you in the mouth with the ground game.

It speaks to why the Ravens would have interest. Like Georgia, the Ravens inherently get respect as a running attack. Now, like Georgia they will be hoping to suck teams in with the run and then use explosive passes to make them pay over the top. If they creep back out, the run game gets stronger.

This could lead to the deep passes being the draw for Rashod Bateman. As we noted, of the three, the deep ball player may be Bateman. At times, Bateman may be able to use his deep routes to free things up. Still, when the run game, and Zay Flowers, and the play calling gets the defense tight, Bateman is going to attack.

Beyond that, even if Bateman does lose a percentage of the targets, the passing game is going to go up in targets by a decent bit. The Ravens had been at the bottom in pass attempts per game with Greg Roman, and Todd Monken has consistently seen his offense above average in that rate. That is going to be a notable change.

The added volume, the deeper passing, and the better design could easily offset the reality that the entire pie has to be split between more big names.