3 massive unknowns Baltimore Ravens are still facing

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
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As the Baltimore Ravens get ready for the rest of the offseason there may be small tweaks and changes to the roster over the coming months, but for the most part, this Ravens roster will be what you see now.

So, while the roster is close to complete, it still does have questions as they enter training camp. What are the biggest unknowns that the team has from where they stand right now?

3. Are the Baltimore Ravens actually fine at cornerback?

When the Baltimore Ravens added Rock-Ya Sin, it made it hard to think that Marcus Peters would be back with the team. Beyond that, it makes it hard to think that the Ravens will add too much else before the season starts. There is a lot of depth, but so many questions. It could go a lot of different ways.

Rock Ya-Sin will be the leader in the clubhouse, but he has had some injury questions. Beyond that, he can be beaten, especially on double moves, so there is only so much upside. Still, he has been better than Trayvon Mullen, another corner that they signed for less money. These two will be joined by fifth-round rookie Kyu Blu Kelly.

Considering they have Jalyn Armour-Davis and Daryl Worley coming back from last season the Ravens have a lot of people competing for just one outside spot across from Marlon Humphrey. Still, what is the old saying about having two quarterbacks means you have no quarterback? If you have five guys competing for one spot, do you have one guy for the spot?

The Baltimore Ravens are hoping that the competition causes one of these guys to rise up. It could definitely happen, and with five guys already in the mix it is so hard to see anyone else coming in. Still, there is the real chance that none of these guys step up, and the Ravens get to week one with serious questions. Or, if Rock-Ya Sin can hold it down, but gets injured can they really trust any of the other depth options? Armour-Davis was bad as a rookie, Worley is a journeyman and Kelly is a rookie. This could pay off, this could bite them hard.