Was this signing officially a failure for the Baltimore Ravens 

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When the Baltimore Ravens signed Odell Beckham, there were plenty of reasons why. So, when he did not get off to a fast start with his new team, the concerns were eased. The thought was that Beckham was good for the room, he was good for Lamar Jackson, and he would produce when it mattered the most.

The Baltimore Ravens are disappointed with the outcome of the Odell Beckham signing

As the season went on, Beckham started to play less, but the thought was that the Ravens were keeping him healthy for the playoffs. They did just that, but the playoffs have now come and gone, and Beckham did not make his statement. 

Beckham finished the two games with seven targets, leading to three catches for 34 yards. He barely played against the Houston Texans and averaged 3.7 yards per target against the Kansas City Chiefs. It does not get any worse than that. 

So, Beckham did not produce, but did he impact the wide receiver room? It does not feel that way after Sunday. Zay Flowers, a rookie, made multiple rookie mistakes that ultimately cost his team the game. Beckham, the veteran, was signed to make sure the rookie Flowers was not making mistakes like this. 

Lastly, Beckham was signed to bring in Lamar Jackson, and Jackson was supposed to look more comfortable as a passer because he had such faith in Beckham. Jackson looked as poor as ever in the playoffs. 

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Nothing that Beckham was supposed to bring to the Baltimore Ravens showed up in the biggest moments during the playoffs. Now, the Ravens have an $11M dead cap hit hanging over them, even though the odds are that Beckham will not play for the team next year. Overall, the signing blew up in their faces at the worst time.