Watch: Ravens' Mark Andrews pulls off WWE bodyslam on Commanders defender

Carolina Panthers v Baltimore Ravens
Carolina Panthers v Baltimore Ravens / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The Ravens hosted the Washington Commanders on Tuesday at their training facilities in Baltimore for the first of two joint practices before both teams square off against each other next Monday for Week 2 of the preseason schedule.

After a little over an hour of running drills and exercises, and with temperatures rising, the first fight broke out between Ravens WR Tylan Wallace and Commanders CB Emmanuel Forbes. You can watch it all here and call your own winner, as we don't want to spoil the outcome.

Right after that fistfight, which turned into a mini-brawl whether or not players and coaches want to admit it, there was a sublime highlight featuring current NFL tight end and future WWE heel Mark Andrews.

Seriously, watch for yourself (h/t NBC4 Sports for sharing the clip!). The future is bright for Andrews if he wants to chase that career one day.

As former Portland Trail Blazers great Trevor Ariza once put it, Andrews "was not with the funnies." Ask Commanders cornerback Danny Johnson, who eat a bunch of grass following Andrews' extraordinary body slam.

Holler at me if you reading this, Vince, and hand that fat check to MA next!

Andrews caught a pass thrown by Lamar Jackson. Johnson, visibly frustrated with not being on par with the tight end's talent, hit him unreasonably hard on a play that was already pretty much dead as Andrews fell to the ground touched by a defender thus ending the action. Andrews did nothing wrong.

The tight end simply replicated Johnson's actions: an off-play move only instead of hitting him square in the chest without prior notice and risking an injury, body slamming the defensive back.

"I think Coach Harbaugh said it best. It’s amazing to have Washington out here and being competitive and be able to practice against these guys," said Andrews as quoted by Jeff Zrebiec of The Athletic. "We want to be competitive and play inside the rules, and I thought today was a good day."

Inside the rules, folks. Always inside the rules.

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