3 ways Miami Dolphins will test Baltimore Ravens more than San Francisco 49ers

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With the Baltimore Ravens winning over the San Francisco 49ers, there is a lot of talk that the Ravens are now an unbeatable juggernaut. While the win showed that this roster can compete with any team when it comes down to it, each week is going to present new challenges, and that will be true for the Ravens as well. 

The Miami Dolphins bring a whole set of new challenges, and even though they run a similar offensive scheme, there are differences that will make them as tough, if not tougher, a week after the 49ers. 

3. Miami Dolphins bring a different element of speed than the San Francisco 49ers

Mike McDaniel came from the 49ers, and his offense has concepts similar to the 49ers'. However, what makes Mike McDaniel such a good coach is how much he revolves his offense around the personnel that he has. The 49ers skill players are better after the catch because they are so physical with the ball in their hands. The Dolphins are not nearly as physical, but much faster. For one instance, Tua Tagovaoila has a time to throw of 2.32 this year, while Brock Purdy is at 2.69.

It is a huge benefit that the Ravens will not be seeing Jaylen Waddle this week. Still, it looks like Tyreek Hill is healthy, and when he is going, no one brings more speed. The pre-snap motion the Dolphins use is almost impossible to slow down because it gives Hill a head start on his opponents. 

Meanwhile, their backfield will consist of Devon Achane and Raheem Mostert at running back. Both of them have speed that is under 4.4. Christian McCaffrey is a better running back, but he runs with more patience and cutbacks, whereas these two are going to run fast in a straight line. It may be an initial shock to the system to go from a team that plays so calculated and physical and then take on a team that is going to work with just pure speed against you.