3 big what ifs that could derail the Baltimore Ravens season

There are assumptions about the new offense, and a few pieces on the defense that could still go poorly
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The Baltimore Ravens are set to be one of the better teams in the NFL during the 2023 season. However, like anything, things do not always go as planned. We all know that injuries can derail things, but what else could happen when we look back and say that is what derailed the season?

3. What if Lamar Jackson does not fit the Baltimore Ravens offense with Todd Monken?

All of the talk this summer has been about how good the Todd Monken offense should be for Lamar Jackson. It is more complex, and branches off of the things that Jackson has already done. It will take the offense a step further and will raise the ceiling of Jackson as a passer. Beyond that, Jackson has all of the playmakers to be a more dynamic passer.

That all sounds great until it does not happen. So far, all of the thoughts about Jackson and his fit in the offense are based on theory. It sounds good, but we have not seen it yet. There could be the outcome where Jackson simply is not a good enough passer. Perhaps Greg Roman did not ask Jacson to do more and did not expand the offense because he did not think that Jackson could. Now, Jackson will get exposed when asked to do more standard downfield passing.

Beyond that, it often takes coordinators and quarterbacks about a year to get on the same page with each other. With all of the talk about how complex the Monken offense is, there is no talk about Jackson coming out of the gate slowly.

If Jackson can take that step, the offense is suited for him to excel. It is assumed, but we have to remember what would happen if things do not align perfectly.