Which uniform are the Ravens wearing in Week 2?

Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots
Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

The Ravens kicked their season off with a victory over the lowly Houston Texans in Week 1 donning purple jerseys and white pants. Our superheroes must be feeling very confident and dangerous entering their Week 2 matchup at Cincinnati considering what they'll be wearing on Sunday.

That is, of course, because they have decided to use the same uniform this weekend as the one they wore when they went on to lose their last game of the 2022 season last January.

Yes, in the AFC Wild Card game. Also yes, the one they lost following a Tyler Huntley fumble returned for a touchdown... by the Cincinnati Bengals. Yikes.

The Ravens have a quite large wardrobe (you can check all the uniforms they wore last year thanks toRavens Uniform Tracker's extraordinary work) and they could have chosen many other combos. But we've come to play and so have the Cuervos, haven't they?

Ravens will go White -on-Black at Cincinnati

Since the Ravens will face the Bengals on the road, and with the home team using their main color on Sunday, the Ravens are forced to use the opposite, thus the white threads.

Baltimore could have chosen to go all-white, or instead use black or purple pants, and they chose the white-on-black combo they already donned in their last game of the (post) season in January.

Judging by the records the franchise has amassed throughout its history, this uniform surely doesn't look like the best option to face the AFC North favorites and bitter rivals from Cincinnati.

That said, last year marked a positive change for the good when the Flock was clad in white and black.

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The Ravens finished the regular season with a 2-1 record when facing the Patriots, Saints, and Browns using this combination.

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