Which uniform are the Ravens wearing in Week 4?

The Ravens will bring out the time machine and let you experience black-and-white television!

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

The Ravens (2-1) cannot drop below .500 in Week 4 even if they come out losers of their encounter with the Cleveland Browns (2-1) in the Dawg Pound on Sunday. So far, so good for the Flock, who will close September having put together a winning record.

The Flock got there by going purple-on-white in Week 1, white-on-black in Week 2, and finally purple-on-black in their Week 3 matchup against the Colts, the one who marked their first (and lone) loss of the season.


Our superheroes defeated the Bengals in Week 2 even though they used a rather daunting uniform set against Cincinnati. Can't criticize that decision judging by the final outcome!

Then, the opposite happened last weekend when the Flock was clad in their winningest threads only for them to lose an overtime thriller by a record-breaking field goal. Sheesh.

If you check the 2022 Ravens Wardrobe over Ravens Uniform Tracker, you'll find out how they did with each and every one of the different jersey and pants combinations they picked last season, which comes in handy for the superstitious.

Ravens will go White-on-Black against the Cleveland Browns

The Ravens are going all-in classic to kick October off, folks, and that's why they will be donning white jerseys over black pants inside the Dawg Pound for their divisional matchup on the road against the Browns.

For one, Baltimore already defeated Cincy with this uniform this season, in Week 2, having lost to the Bengals on the last game of the Ravens' 2022 season as a whole when they lost 17-24 in the AFC Wild Card game last January 15th.

For two, this uniform is hella cursed, but things might be taking a turn for the positive considering the Week 2 victory going white-on-black.

The only relatively good record the Ravens have accrued when donning these threads (which are typically used on the road, mind you) has come under John Harbaugh, who is .453 when leading the Flock using this combination.

Other than that, the Ravens have not broke the .400 barrier either on the road (as they will be playing this weekend) nor on a combined home/away tally.

Last season ended 2-1 with those uniforms, but it's worth pointing out that the Ravens lost 13-3 at Cleveland when using them last December. Ugh.

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It feels like Baltimore has decided to flip the page on all of their negative uniform-related storylines, and after beating Cincy going white-on-black a couple of weeks ago to put up a 1-0 with that combo they will try to add another W to it next Sunday using the same uniform in Cleveland.

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