Which uniform are the Ravens wearing in Week 7?

Baltimore Ravens v New York Jets
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The Ravens (4-2) might be returning home this weekend but they will also be facing the toughest test to date as Baltimore will host the visiting Detroit Lions (5-1) in a heavyweight matchup staged to take place inside the M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday, Oct. 22.

When it comes to uniforms, the Ravens have exhausted many of their ever-used combinations already, but they're opting to go with a winning pairing this season after using it in the season opener to great fanfare.

The Ravens have only gone with these threads once before this year after doing so three times in 2022, but so far so good for the Flock as they went on to beat the Houston Texans in the first game of the 2023 campaign.


So this weekend, once more, the Ravens will be bringing back the purple jerseys on top of white pants, the same colors they used when they defeated rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud and the rest of the Houston Texans contingent all the way back in early September.

If you check the 2022 Ravens Wardrobe over Ravens Uniform Tracker, you'll find out how they did with each and every one of the different jersey and pants combinations.

Ravens will go Purple-on-White against the Lions

The Ravens are opting to use a winning combination for their return to The Bank, although the opposition they will be facing has nothing to do with the lowly Texans from Week 1, mind you. Perhaps having won that match is what led Baltimore to go for an encore in an attempt to beat the 5-1 Lions?

According to Ravens Uniform Tracker, and adding this season's Week 1 matchup to the tally, this combination has been used 171 times in the history of the Ravens organization with the current record sitting at 111-59-1. Yes, a tie!

This uniform has a hella strong record with the Ravens beating opponents in virtually all splits you want to go and slice matchups into. The all-time record is positive, the 2022 record is positive, the record under Head Coach John Harbaugh is positive,...

These two teams have only met once in the last five seasons and six times since 1998, so there isn't a large sample of games played between them. The Ravens, however, have absolutely dominated Detroit beating them in five of those six matchups.

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The last time Baltimore played Detroit using these uniforms was in 2009 when the Ravens won that game by an astonishing 48-3 score. Go grab some popcorn and enjoy the recap. It's well worth it.

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