What If NFL Logos Were British? It looks Like The Ravens Are Awesome in Any Nationality.


So What would the NFL Logos look like if they were british? That is the question posed by Dave Rappoccio if Davesartlocker.com. The answer? They would look pretty awesome, especially if you are a Ravens fan. Dave redesigned each NFL logo and re-named each team to something more appropriate for a British joke. The Ravens got dealt the above image and the moniker “The Beaky Bastards”. Frankly, i think it is so sweet that i am going to occasionally use it in place of the word “Ravens”(speaking of which, don’t forget to check the site this week for draft prospects that might end up being Beaky Bastards).

Maybe i am biased, but I think the Ravens got the coolest re-designed logo. The monocle is awesome and who could hate on a Maryland Flag inspired top hat? Not this guy. The name is also pretty good(if you don’t like it, just remember it could be worse, the Steelers new name is “Ye Greasy Arses”), but it isnt the best. I am afraid that honor goes to the 49ers who have been renamed “Those Dastardly Nugget Nabbers” with honorary mention going to the Falcons who are now the “Swoopy Little Blighters”(which is impossible to say without at least smiling).

Here are the rest of the AFC North Logos, with a couple of Browns alternates. To see the whole NFL collection check out Davesartlocker.com.