Rolando McClain Arrested…Again


Well, that didnt last long.

Rolando McClain has proven that he is nothing but a useless thug once again and has been arrested. This time for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. The event occured in a Decataur, Alabama city park. Per WHNT

"Eyewitnesses at the scene told WHNT News 19 that police officers had ordered McClain and several other people to leave the park after a large crowd had gathered there. McClain allegedly refused to do so, and began cursing at the officers. Authorities said McClain was eventually handcuffed and taken to the city jail before bonding out a short time later."

This is the third time in the past 18 months that McClain has been arrested in Decataur. Maybe he should consider leaving town for a while.

anyway, this probably signals an end to his tenure in Baltimore, which lasted all of two weeks. McClain signed a contract contingent on his staying out of trouble and representing the franchise in a positive way. Obviously he isn’t capable of being anything but a criminal. If this were his first arrest, it wouldnt be that big of a deal. He hasnt really done anything all that bad here. but because he has a history of doing very bad things and getting arrested for them, there is little to no wiggle room on the topic of his off field conduct.

I have hated the McClain signing from the beginning and had very little faith that McClain was going to be on the Ravens opening day roster. I didn’t want this guy associated with my beloved team at all. I don’t have an issue with Character concern players, but I have a big problem with legitimate criminals. McClain is the latter(lets not forget this is the same guy who recently held a gun to a mans head and fired off a shot next to the mans ear after he begged McClain not to kill him, the picture above is from that arrest). This is not a good man, nor is he, at this point, a man worth a shot for redemption. I am all for giving a player a second chance, especially if that player is from Oakland, but McClain is fresh out of second chances. If the Ravens do cut him, it is very fair to ask if this might be the end of his NFL career.