Baltimore Ravens Top Players of All-Time: Cornerbacks

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Last week, remember when I said, “Is there anything more exciting than the sight of a perfect spiral zipping through the air at highway speeds, preparing to land directly into the stretched out hands of your favorite Ravens’ wide receiver for a 40+ yard gain that leads to a touchdown? Or even the short pass thrown like a dart, faster than the speed of light, into the clutched arms of your favorite Ravens’ tight end?”

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Well the answer is watching that pass get deflected or worse, intercepted by a ball-hawking cornerback looking to seize the moment. And in Ravens history, there have been a few who were (and are) the cream of the crop. Let’s look at who they are.

Dec 28, 2014; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens defensive back Lardarius Webb (21) breaks up a pass intended for Cleveland Browns wide receiver Andrew Hawkins (16) at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The Favorite: Lardarius Webb

It’s takes a real superhero to be able to stand the test of time and a broken body, and still perform at a high level. Webb has been given the moniker of being much like his superhero alter-ego, Spider-Man. Why? Because Web(b) covers a large area of space and owns anything that it gets entangled with.

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In both 2009 and 2012 Webb suffered ACL injuries and most would deem his career over. But as they say, numbers don’t lie. All-Pro, Super Bowl champion, 3 career touchdowns from 11 career interceptions, along with 71 passes deflected and 2 sacks. Not to mention, a couple of touchdowns as both a kick returner and a punt returner. That type of production through adversity can’t be written.

TAMPA, UNITED STATES: Duane Starks of the Baltimore Ravens runs an interception back for a touchdown during second half action against the New York Giants in Super Bowl XXXV at Raymond James Stadium 28 January 2001 in Tampa, Florida. The New York Giants and the Baltimore Ravens are playing for the Vince Lombardi Trophy and the NFL championship. AFP PHOTO/Roberto SCHMIDT (Photo credit should read ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images)

The Pioneer: Duane Starks

Starks can easily be considered one of the pioneers of the stout defense that the organization is well known for today. His tenacity, aggressiveness, and ball hawking ability made him an immediate starter for new head coach Brian Billick’s Ravens after being a 1st round pick in 1998.

Stark would play for the Ravens for four seasons and capture a Super Bowl ring at Super Bowl XXXV. He’s known to be the one who “sealed the fate” of the Giants in that Super Bowl when he ran an interception back for a touchdown. During his time with the Ravens, Starks contributed in 62 out of 64 regular season games and amassed 59 tackles, 13 passes deflected, and 4 interceptions.

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