Ravens Fans React: Week 6 vs. the 49ers


In week 6, the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Baltimore Ravens for just the second time in 20 years. Former Baltimore Ravens and now 49ers Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith showed the Ravens organization and Ravens fans alike why they should very well miss them wholeheartedly.

When will the bleeding stop?

Oct 18, 2015; Santa Clara, CA, USA; San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Anquan Boldin (81) runs after the catch against the Baltimore Ravens during the first quarter at Levi

1-5. Another “first-time in franchise history” mark for the organization. Another loss by LESS than the score of a touchdown, another very winnable game plagued by defensive mishaps and offensive gaffes and questionable play-calling, all leading to another week of #RavensFansReact.

Steve Smith, Sr. was slated to not play today. These 2 missed TDs are the equivalent of him not being there. Very uncharacteristic of him and those 2 passes resulted in a sure loss to the tune of 28-25.

The defense is struggling mightily. Marc Trestman is having a difficult time with injuries, and even basic execution on offense, especially from wide receivers not named Steve Smith, Sr.  Joe Flacco is doing a lot of scrambling, but for the wrong reasons, which is resulting in three and outs or interceptions.

The run game gave it’s best shot, but the 49ers were ranked 17th in run defense, only allowing an average of 108 yards per game. Keep in mind, our rushing attack included a rookie and a veteran with a bad and heavily taped ankle. Not making an excuse, but stating the facts for what they are.

However, #tradeFlacco??? #bringbackTyrod???? Not a wise decision financially or morally for the Ravens. Flacco’s time will come this offseason as he is expected to re-negotiate his contract to aid in cap space. More on this later as we get closer to the 2016 off-season.

You know, there’s always those kind words from mom that makes you feel like you can conquer the world, even if you just lost to the 49ers. It takes a mother’s heart to see potential at 1-5 and recognize that they aren’t playing up to it. I agree with mom here.

There’s always a bright side. Personally, I’d feel worse knowing that our 1-5 record included some blowout losses by 30 points or more. Knowing that these losses were so close and winnable if just two or three things went right is a bittersweet type of comfort. However, is there a fourth side to blame? A side known as the coaching personnel? To be determined….

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At the end of the day, the Ravens are 1-5. Are we in the dark days of the Ravens franchise? Has our reign of terror and playoff prowess worn off? Are we a couple of talented players away from seeing the Super Bowl for the third time in franchise history, or will it take a shift in leadership and management to steer this ship back towards a Lombardi?

There’s one thing for certain… they can only go up from here. The uncertain part is knowing “when”.

We’re on to Arizona.

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