Why The Baltimore Ravens Offense Could Be Amazing


The Baltimore Ravens have tons of talent on the offensive side of the football. They have a Super Bowl MVP under center. They have a committee of talented running backs. And as the BTO song goes “You Aint Seen Nothing Yet”

The Baltimore Ravens offense could be very special this season. Already in the preseason we’re seeing the talent the purple and black have at the running back position. The exciting thing is that the Ravens offense has so many key players yet to join the action. The Ravens have only shown one strength of the offense so far this preseason.

It is incredibly important to remember that Joe Flacco is a wild upgrade from Ryan Mallet. It is important to note that Steve Smith Sr. is going to be ready for week one. The veteran receiver is still an important cog in the offensive machinery.

We cannot forget about Dennis Pitta, Crockett Gillmore and Ben Watson; who are also players that will make an impact. Mike Wallace and Kamar Aiken as well are going to be play-makers too.

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For the entirety of the offseason I have been clamoring for the Ravens to get back to Ravens football. You know exactly what I am talking about. Baltimore football is about physicality. It’s about setting the tone with a running game that won’t quit and setting up big plays in the passing game. All indications are that the Ravens will be focused on the ground game this season.

It would be hard (even for Marc Trestman) to not lean on these incredible running backs. Justin Forsett has been incredibly prolific since donning the purple and black. Terrance West looks like he did at Towson, a determined running back on a mission. Buck Allen is so good as a receiver out of the backfield and Kenneth Dixon has moves on top of moves.

The Ravens are going to keep all four of these running backs. How could you justify cutting any of these guys? With such a large group of backfield talent (including fullback, Kyle Juszczyk) the Ravens will have a run-first offense.

Joe Flacco has looked sharp all throughout training camp. He now has weapons on top of weapons. He may have to wait until the regular season to take advantage of said weapons, but he’s got them.

When Trestman was hired the Ravens had found their offensive groove. Over the course of the 2015 season they went away from what worked. To be fair, they were kind of forced to do that. Playing catch up will change your offensive philosophy. Now the Ravens have a chance to get back on track.

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They’re not targeting to equal their 2014 success though. This is a Ravens team looking to be better than ever. The talent is there. It could be the year the Ravens have a dominant offense.