2019 Pro Bowl: Which Baltimore Ravens got snubbed?

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The 2019 Pro Bowl results are in, and as always they’ve brought plenty of controversy. But, we want to know which Baltimore Ravens got snubbed the most?

Every year, NFL fans flock to its website and cast their votes on who they believe should be selected to that season’s Pro Bowl roster. It’s a very fun and exciting time, as we the fans get to feel vital to our favorite teams and their players. We vote again and again with hopes of getting our beloved athletes into the game to be honored by all.

Yet, every single year we see plenty of amazing players get gypped of the honor for guys whose name has more recognition than others. One player could be having the best season of his career and still be shut out from voting because another player at his position is more beloved and known by the common fan. Annoying? Yes. Accurate? Double yes.

Every team’s fans have to deal with this stress every year and like clockwork they become upset when their favorite player doesn’t get in. 2018 is no different, and as a Baltimore Ravens fan, I can’t help but feel like we had too many good players get left out.

The Ravens had three players earn Pro Bowl nods this year: Marshal Yanda, C.J. Mosley, and Eric Weddle. Yanda is a shoe-in every year he’s healthy, but fans are mixed on Mosley and Weddle hasn’t done a thing in 2018 to justify a Pro Bowl nod. We won’t complain for having these players represent Charm City, but we can complain that we feel robbed.

You can’t win them all, and we certainly can’t have our whole roster make up the entirety of the Pro Bowl, but here’s the players that fell shy of Pro Bowl honors for bogus reasons:

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