Baltimore Ravens top Packers: Take home points

The Baltimore Ravens topped the Green Bay Packers in a preseason game at M&T Bank Stadium by a score of 26-13. While a win is a win is a win, there were some other things to take from the game:

• If he stays healthy, the Baltimore Ravens’ running back, Mark Ingram has the look of a Pro Bowl running back in this system.

• That touchdown run by Lamar Jackson, nullified by penalty or not, should remind us that as much as we all want to see him make significant progress in the passing game, he was drafted in the first round because of his unworldly athleticism. If he can hit his easy passes, make a couple downfield throws a game and steal a first down or two with a scramble and toss, the offense will be fine.

Matt Judon was everywhere. He’s going to need to be big this season, both for the Ravens defense and his personal financial future. Tonight was a good sign.

Justice Hill continues to impress, and, often amaze. He’s another one that can steal the Ravens another first down or two a game with his jaw-dropping skills.

• Jaleel Scott and Antoine Wesley both had some nice moments. There is a chance they are fighting each other for a spot on the team, and it is good to see them compete under the bright lights.

• Justin Tucker is pretty good at kicking a football.

• Don “Wink” Martindale will dial up some pressure for the defense this year, but I do worry about them getting a consistent amount of pressure from a four- or five-man rush. That limits coverages, and I can see the Ravens giving up some third-and-longs because of it.

• Jaylen Ferguson appears to be doing a nice job in his minutes. It would be good to see him get some snaps against established guys in the next two preseason games.

• Cyrus Jones got significant time, and some of those snaps were good, and some were not. Are coaches seeing if he’s up to getting some actual cornerback time as opposed to sticking strictly to special teams so they can keep a player at another position? Or, are they determining if he’s worth keeping if he’s only a returner? Or, is it just because some corners are banged up? Or, should I just stop with the speculating and stick with the opining?

• Marlon Humphrey set the edge on one play, then bullied his way through the block of an offensive tackle to make a huge tackle on an outside run. He’s special.

• I thought before training camp that there was zero chance Patrick Ricard makes this team. He has probably been the team’s best defensive player these first two games, and he converted two short-yardage plays as a fullback tonight. He has to be in, right?

• I keep beating the drum for Tim Williams, largely because I think he has unique skills for this team. It appears that his effort is fantastic this preseason, and he gets in the backfield in a hurry. But other plays he gets caught up in the wash. It’s time to let the guy hunt this year and find out what they have.

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• This team is not perfect, but it is exciting. And that’s something.



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